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Beyonce as Wonder Woman?

Apparently, Beyonce has her eyes on playing Wonder Woman. A new script has been in the works since April 2008 and there has been no announced director yet.

I wanted to mention this because female superhero movies have been extremely....
lacking at best. Not even mentioning the horror that was Cat Woman. *shudder to think* But also considering the long history of women in comics playing either half-naked sex icons for teen boys or damsels in distress (also for teen boys) - on the printed page and in film alike - we definitely need some justice for these ladies.

Many people still think that comics are a guys' domain, even though female readership is ever-climbing. Feminist comic-junkies are patiently waiting to be acknowledged as the loyal fans that they are. And even though it's really easy to make a comic movie really cheesy, it's been proven that a superhero movie can be as polished and "real" as any other genre. I think the new Batman franchise speaks for itself. But Batman, as much as I love the characters, the mythology and the films, is a boys' club series. It's by men, about men, intended for men. But Batman has a large following of female fans, including myself. And I know that man females fans grapple with the issue of women playing expendable, secondary roles meant only as catalysts to important plot points, rather than real people who matter. Obviously we are all waiting for some of the great Batman women to be reintroduced in a real, respectable and *ahem* non-embarrassing fashion (Hello? Harley Quinn?! Perhaps a re-visioned Poison Ivy?) .

My point in all of this of course is that while Beyonce is well liked and can act
well enough, I don't think she deserves to have a role as significant as Wonder Woman handed to her just because she knows it's an easy hit. I have no issue with the fact that she is Black, whereas Wonder Woman has always been portrayed as White. I just don't think she's a good actress. She's good enough, but is that good enough? There are so many singer/musicians who think they can be act and actors who think they can do music, but this is not always so. (And in the case of Halle Barry as Cat Woman, and really, most other things maybe she should try singing?) The point is that a lot of people have been looking forward to Wonder Woman for a very long time and this movie will be an important milestone for female comic fans young and old and really any movie-goer who is longing for a strong leading lady. Let's make sure we pick a woman who can do the role justice, and not just who'll bring in a large crowd, who just want to see her in a tiny costume. Beyonce has done enough of that in her regular career and that mentality really defeats the purpose of the project.

That's all.
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