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Illustration Friday: Wise

"What a clever girl she is. Look how many books she carries..."

This is from a sketch that's been in my book for months and this seemed like a good topic to bring it out. I think it's pretty evident that girls are still not usually valued for being intelligent. Things like being beauty, obedience,...poise...are still most preferred.
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  1. Love the illustration. Really nicely done. It's true that women should not be viewed only in the ways you mentioned, because that isn't all that is to us. But if that is who they are and they are happy then there isn't anything wrong with that is there?

  2. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful or having poise or anything like that. (I do think there is something terribly wrong with blind obedience, though.)

    But to have only those things and no intellect or depth is to not be a complete person. Not everyone can be brilliant, but we should try to best, fullest person that we can and never limit ourselves to a single dimension.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. I love her expression, she looks annoyed and rebellious! Wonderful illustration!


  4. I agree we are more than the sum of little arm candies and blind obedience is very dangerous in many forums (and both sexes)! But I think that sometimes intelligence can be a rather 2-dimentional term. I wonder if we all too often divide people into beautiful or smart… forgetting a whole array of unrelated qualities like kindness, strength, creativity and so forth...
    I like her look of defiance!
    And have a lovely weekend!

  5. Emily, I certainly agree that there's more to humanity than looks and brains. I just think we emphasize the looks part above all else. I think the things you mentioned are also just as important. I think it's all a matter of not having to choose between any of those features- that we can strive to have each and more!

    Thanks for your comments!

  6. Lovely irony in the illustration... =) Thanks for the comment!

  7. Thanks for coming to visit, Heather. I hope my comments are helpful in some way. I know some people can't stand criticism- especially when they didn't even ask for it. :p