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Non Sequitor #2

You know how in TV shows & movies, when someone has to talk to another character- usually for being really angry with them- they almost always go to them in person? Which makes sense, it makes for better entertainment if someone gets all up in the grill, instead of an angry phone call.

This happens all the time on SVU (which we recently got seasons 1-3 on DVD and watches episodes that I've never seen) that sometimes, for example, a lady from Brooklyn tied into the case will come in to yell at Benson or Stabler. But it's like, wait, aren't they Manhattan SVU? Don't you live in Brighton Beach? Did you take the subway all the way there just to get this off your chest? Did you stew all the way there and talk to yourself, plan out your speech? Did you plan your whole day around it? Was it like "Well, I have to meet my sister and go shopping around there anyway, so I might as well stop in to yell at that detective who's been ruining my life!" or did you go there, yell, turn around, and go right home? I think taking car would be just as bad. Maybe faster, but the tolls alone would kill you!
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