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I <3 Jason Statham

A new crush on Jason Statham has been permanently cemented. In the last week, James & I watched The Bank Job, Crank, The Transporter (1 & 2, in the same day) and Snatch (for my 2nd time).

Not all the movies he's in are..."good" (both
Transporter films start well enough and don't have enough strength and stamina in the writing to finish out a sensible plot) and some are rather sexist in that James Bond kind of way, which I don't even normally tolerate in James Bond films (Crank, fo' sho') and he's not really a "great actor". Luckily though, he doesn't need to be. He has a range but it tends to fall into the concise and witty &/or man-of-few-words bad-ass with a gruff exterior, but (most of the time) heart-of-gold underneath it all.

But he's so damn appealing! He's got a sort of English Bruce Willis thing going on, and like The Man, helps make balding sexy. He does a great deal of his own stunts and stunt driving, so you have to respect that. Even when he's the bad guy, you root for him. He seems like a completely real person in everything he does, so he tends to come off as a better actor simply due to sincerity and helps in carrying some movies on his own that would otherwise be unwatchable (we're not talking about
Snatch here, which is awesome in all ways except that there are no main characters who are female...). He's made quite a name for himself in a very short time and he's only going upwards from here.

I guess it just goes to show that I have no "type" when it comes to celebrity crushes. Considering the top of my list is everyone's favorite nerd hero: Simon Pegg. The only thing they have in common is being White, male and British.

P.S., best promo pic EVER---->

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