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Gender-Neutral Inclusive Legal Documents and How They're Destroying America

It seems us lefty and/or liberals and/or non-conservatives and/or logical & moral people (whichever you prefer to be called) were short-sighted and misguided in our desire for legal marry equality for homosexual couples. When California decriminalized gay marriage and made their licenses gender-neutral, did they ever stop to think about who it would hurt?

A Cali couple was highly offended to find that on their marriage license, they would be referred not to as "bride" & "groom", but as "Party A" & "Party B". I mean, what is this, a legal contract!?


These people are not being offended because they can't choose their own terms (since, you know, they still get to have a wedding where they can be called whatever they want. They can be Can-of-Soup and Polar Bear in their vows, if they want to), they're offended because gays can get married at all and that they now have to share not only rights, equality, social status, with these damn queers, but now- paperwork?! Oh when will it end? As if it isn't difficult enough being White, middle-class, heterosexual, Christians in America!

I find it hilarious that they act like they are being persecuted. As if they've never stood for anything before this (and they've probably never had to stand up for anything in their lives.) And now they refuse to get married and are burdened by not having each other's health insurance and other benefits-it's like their relationship is invalid to the nation. Suddenly they're feeling the sting of what gay couples have been feeling since, oh, I dunno, forever? Some people think that being inclusive means that now the "normal" people are being caste aside. Yet, they were OK with being exclusive, so long as it didn't affect them or anyone they know. These are the same people who go blind with rage when they get greeted in December by a Wal-mart employee with "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" instead of Merry Christmas! ("Screw the non-Christians! I want my holiday and religious beliefs to be the only acknowledged ones because they're the only ones I acknowledge! Blaaargh!!")

Besides, plenty of women in hetero relationships who would rather pass on the whole marriage thing than be called a "bride" or be someone's "wife". Like me, for instance.

Kiss the bride? Kiss my ass!
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