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The Dream Team: Huxtable/Bates in 2012!

With all this business of the GOP trying to push Sarah Palin as the female candidate to replace Hillary Clinton (yeah, right) I started thinking of who the ideal women's women candidates might be. I've come up with, what I think, is the best ticket in town:

Huxtable/Bates 2012!

That's right, Claire Huxtable, from the Cosby Show and Academy Award winning actress, Kathy Bates. Of course, they'd run as liberal independents.

Let's run down the list of qualifications on each, shall we?

Claire Huxtable-
  • Is a highly esteemed lawyer who worked hard to become partner in a firm run by White males.
  • She would not bend to nepotism when it comes to the law, having once prosecuted her own son, Theo, in mock-family court when he lied about why he was home late from track practice.
  • As hard as she works, she always has time for her 5 children, is in a stable, loving, marriage-of-equals, with husband, Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable.
  • She is a proud Black American woman, who is knowledgeable about her history and was active in the civil rights movement throughout her youth.
  • She would be strong in debates and hold her ground against verbal attack, having once appeared as a guest on a historical debate show about the Great Depression and refused to be their token female and Black person. She declined to appear again despite the through-the-roof ratings. Once she made her point, she did not want to create a circus of herself.
The only possible "con" is that she is a fictional character, so she may not meet all criteria for running.

Kathy Bates-

  • She is the great-great granddaughter of Irish immigrants who moved to New Orleans. She has donated a great deal of money to reconstructing the area after hurricane Katrina. She would be sensitive to the living conditions in that area, be faster to respond to natural disasters and even to prevent some damage and death in future situations.
  • Her great-great grandfather was the personal doctor of President Andrew Jackson. So it would not be her family's first experience in the White House. Or it at least sounds like an interesting and impressive anecdote.
  • Bates has had many roles that make her highly respected amongst feminists, including, but not limited to, Fried Green Tomatoes, Dolores Claiborne, and her appearances on HBO's Six Feet Under.
  • She is an accomplished director, which means she has leader ship as well as vision.
  • Bates did her first nude scene at age 43, because she doesn't give a damn what you think!
Possible "con": She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003. While she has made a full recovery, this does put her at a potential health risk while serving.

I think they make a pretty strong case for themselves. They are both at least as capable as Sarah Palin and unlike her, would never drill for oil in a nature preserve or make victims pay for their own rape kits! So please, vote Huxtable/Bates in 2012*!

(*But in 2008, please vote Obama/Biden)
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