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Voter Registration

I've only very recently learned that North Dakota has no voter registration.
So if you're born there and you turn 18, you get to vote. Done deal.

And yes, there are a small, rural state, without a dense population. But the fact that voter registration varies so state to state, even though it's the same registration to vote in federal elections as well- I can't help but think who states with complicated registration are trying to protect? (It also is interesting that some officials give their citizens benefit of the doubt.) I know there are some states where you can register 10 days before an election! Ten days! I dream of that kind of efficiency in New York! I think a lot of states would rather keep people from voting, denying them yet another of their birth rights, taking advantage of the fact that some people are ignorant to the laws and will not register in time or not understand the law enough to register properly. Or just be too busy to make it a priority. They're relying on the smallest possibly number of voters, because those are easier scales to tip. I'd say that voter registration works on the side of manipulation, not fairness as is claimed. The fact that I have valid state ID should be enough to have an opinion. It's good enough for me to drive a car, buy alcohol, cigarettes, bullets, hunting knives, medications used to create home-made speed, realistic replica police gear, including uniforms, (in some places) and be a child-care provider. I guess the government just has a concern that I might do MORE damage as a voter...go, America!

(But wherever you live, please register to vote ASAP, especially if you're not sure of the registration laws in your state.)
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