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Sad, sad, sad

Stuff like this makes me so sick to my stomach that I can barely even find the words to describe it. But I'll give it a try anyway:

Let's get the facts straight - 1. There is no mosque, it's a community center. 2. It's not actually at Ground Zero. It's in the same neighborhood, but that's hardly next door. 3. Islam is no more violent of a religion than Christianity. Take that as you will. 4. Assuming someone is a terrorist because they have darker skin than you is racism. It's that simple. 5. Muslims living in the US still have the same rights they did before September 11th. They're still citizens, they're still human beings. 6. Most real estate in that neighborhood have been abandoned and left to rot for 9 years. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to do something with it? 7. There are mosques and Muslim-based faith centers all over New York City. None of them are producing terrorists either.

People...we've got to get it together. You can't take the actions of a small group of extremists and attach it to people who happen to practice the same religion (or should I say similar? I'm sure we're discussing different sects of Islam here) or come from the same section of the planet or have a similar skin tone. That is prejudice and racism. These protesters say they stand for freedom, meanwhile they want to impede the rights of people because they're uncomfortable- because their underdeveloped lizard brains can't make simple distinctions.

And it's not just this issue that angers my blood. It's fools in favor of banning gay marriage, who support Arizona's immigration law...who insist that the president was born in another country even with clear evidence that they're wrong. (Or should I say they assume he was born in Africa because he's black?) Why are there always people trying to draw lines between us, create issues where none should exist and spread hatred?

It is not a "slap in the face" (as some have said) to build this center. The real insult was that it took so long to decide what to do about the smoldering wreckage in the middle of our city. It was using 9/11 as a fling-about-phrase to create xenophobia. It was an insult to use a tragedy as fuel for a greed-driven war. And it's an insult to good Americans for these people to count themselves amongst us while trying to oppress a minority group, just because they refuse to educate themselves.

Or to state it better, take it away, Mr. Olbermann

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