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Dear Everyone

Thank you, thank you, thank you again to everyone! Thank you for your pledges & support and thank you to those who actually attended the reception last night. I was overwhelmed with the turn out and how much everyone seemed to be so sincerely into my drawings. I've worked so hard over the last few months and it's a strange and magical feeling to have it all come together for one moment. For those of you not able to attend, I know some people took pictures and I'll hopefully get some up here soon. Then you can can look at them and sip some wine (or sparkling lemonade, like I did) and eat cheese and pretend like you were there! And remember, the work will be up at Fringe (248 Broome St., NY) through September 2oth. So please swing by if you can and see what you helped make happen!

Thanks so much to Amy for having faith in my skills to fill her salon with work she hadn't seen a glimpse of until the day of the opening.

Extra special thanks to James & Matt. Really, this show could not have happened without you.

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