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I intended to put up some stuff from my sketchbook. But my cable modem is close to dying so the fact that I'm even online now is somewhat remarkable. Plus, I just came home from an awesome networking party by the Freelancers Union. PLUS, I have to serve jury duty in the morning. Wow.

But I will get some stuff up soon. I've been doing a lot of drawing, both in the studio and out in the world (though, mostly during my lunch break at work!) If you haven't yet checked out my Kickstarter page, please do: http://kck.st/9aAZkY It's an all or nothing kind of deal, so please spread the word!

Last item: I neglected to mention it, but Hire An Illustrator redid their site recently. It's easier to navigate and easier for me to update my profile, which is right here http://hireanillustrator.com/i/danielle-thillet

'Night all!
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