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Spring 2010

It's recently come to my attention that I haven't really blog blogged in sometime. It seems I was most consistent back during the presidential election. But then certain instances made me too depressed to care about politics for sometime.

So what's been going on with me, you might ask? The truth is that things haven't been too exciting for sometime. I told you I moved during the fall, I'm sure you didn't need me to inform you that it snowed a whole lot recently and that takes us to now, spring(ish) 2010. Really what's "going on with me" is that I'm working, trying to make ends meet in this difficult economy, not getting enough sleep and trying to make time for my art. Isn't that all of us, eh?

But I've been focusing a lot on a solo show that will be happening for me sometime in the early summer. I won't say too much because the dates are tentative and the works are still being created. This is actually what's been taking much of my time. (And maybe some of this too.) I do have some projects and possibilities floating around and I will pass this exciting information onto you as they become physically tangible and/or exist as a fixed point in the time/space continuum.
In the meantime, I will try to get reacquainted with my old friend Blogger, so long as you promise to keep reading.


P.S. I'm also hanging out with my other friend Etsy again, so be sure to visit her as well when you can.

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