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I'm pretty shocked and unnerved by the fact that it seems like no one really cares about the fact that the U.S. is continuing to bomb Pakistan. Or at least, no one is criticizing the president for it. Yes, in his first month in office, he has made some wonderful advancements. But he did also order drone strikes, which did end up killing a few innocent adults and children. I feel like if he were any other person, we'd already be filling the streets before the White House.

I understand that Pakistan is known to be harboring Taliban extremists, that Afghanistan & Pakistan is where we should have actually been, instead of Iraq in the "war on terror" and that U.S. citizens in Pakistan have been kidnapped and killed.

But the fact that the bulk of this information comes from international news sources. I feel like Obama will end the
unpopular war, but then start a new one, because everyone is distracted by trying to find the merit in his economic stimulus plan.

He may represent a symbolic historic moment. But let's not forget that Obama is still a politician. And you can really only trust a politician as far as you can keep them from the launch codes. Do we really want to start a new administration, what many deem to be the dawn of a new hope, with the same aggressive tactics of the former? Haven't we learned that bombing a nation harboring rogue enemies doesn't actually drive them out? Sure, you may happen to kill a few here and there, but you also kill regular people, members of government, potential allies and so forth. Doesn't bombing where they're living, be it their mother country or just their sanctuary, tend to make them lash out ever more violently? Where's the change? Where's the open mind & open ears? Where's the diplomacy? And most of all...can we talk about it first?
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