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Fall Update

Wow! Hey there, it's been a while. But a lot has been going on. First off, I've moved. Still in BK, but slightly eastward into a bigger, nicer and cheaper place. It's a trifecta! The downside is that James & I have way too much stuff (like, crazy amounts of crap) so packing consumed me and unpacking is proving even more difficult- obviously. It will take some time before I'm able to get back into the studio and do some real work, though I'm itching to do so.

I'm teaching art a few times a week at an afterschool program. I also have some projects in the works. I'm doing the penciling for a mini comic, that I hope to sell in some local shops on consignment. Also, I've been published twice more. Check out the latest issues of 42 & Make/Shift mags to see what I've been up to. Or just buy a copy to support a couple of great indie mags in a time when print could really use it.

I hope to post up some art soon again!
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