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Myvu? Really?

Walking through the subway yesterday evening, I saw a lot of ads for this ridiculousness:

Yes, Myvu are video glasses that you can wear with your iPod, so you don't ever have to go anywhere, or look in any direction without constantly being bombarded by video media.

Oh, huzzah!

Long past are the days when I've been riding the subway, saw an attractive person and thought "If only that person could also have a layer of TV over their face. Now that is something worth looking at! Anything less would be stupid!" You can also replace the attractive person on a subway with "sunset at the park", "live performance in a stadium", "laughing baby at a family reunion" or "my partner in bed". Why look at anything when you can also be watching TV while looking at it!

Or remember the stone-age days of watching videos on a TV portable device, and having to bend your neck to see. And didn't you think, "Wow, is there anyway this could hurt my neck less, but my eyes more??" Yes, there is a way, my friend!

All snarky sarcasm aside, this reminds me of the Nintendo Virtual Boy - which seemed like a super-cool-idea-from-the-future...until it started causing temporary blindness in hundreds of cases. I'm pretty sure I remember something out eye-bleeding as well. They recalled those faster than you can say "exploding airbrush pens". But I'm sure since Myvu isn't just stark, black & red graphics with flashing lights, there's probably a good chance you won't go blind wearing them. There is, however, a chance that a lot of stupid people will wear these, walk around, fall off train platforms, into direct traffic, off piers...some would call that natural selection and I probably wouldn't disagree.

But haven't tencho-phillic future-based movies taught us anything? The more crap attached to your head, the more out of touch you are with reality, the more corporate media becomes your reality, and the easier you will be mind controlled by The Man. Just sayin'...

I mean, Blue Tooth headsets are one thing. Those just make you look like an idiot.
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  1. Love your writing & observations! Blue tooth haters unite!

  2. Those glasses would look ridiculous on anyone but Lavar Burton in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  3. That's because Geordi La Forge is a classy guy!