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A Much Lesser Landmark

As of about 3:50pm on Wednesday, November 5th, James and I are now domestic partners.

Which when you get right down to it, changes absolutely nothing about our relationship as far as I'm concerned. We were already a domestic partnership- hell, partners for life! This is just a technicality that needed to be remedied with some paperwork.

I jokingly tell people to get us gifts, but I don't really expect any. It just seems really unfair that only married folks get celebrated and people like us, that just keep chuggin' along for almost 6 years now, with no complications get bupkis. And by "people like us" I also mean gay couples who don't even have the option to choose to not get married. It's already been decided. And the 18,000+ couples who got married in the past year in California, woke up today realizing that their union has been invalidated by scared, stubborn, bigoted voters.

So why is it that only married love is valid? There's the fundamentalist religious reasoning of course. Then there's also the idea that it's somehow "less confusing" for your kids. Then there are some poor, deluded women who still think that if they wait around for prince charming and have a Disney Princess wedding, then everything else after that is cake. (And actually, you DO get cake!)

I say it's the quality of the relationship that matters, not its standing with the government. James is simply put, the best person I've ever met. Being with him has really been the best time in my life and it's only just started because we both plan to living until we literally fall apart (I think your ears fall off first). Being with him is easy because we're so compatible. And when it's difficult, it's quickly resolved. In fact, most difficulties come from outside sources that we're better equipped to work through as a unit. We are lovers, we are friends, we are equals. We share everything, while having our own separated identities. I don't really think it gets any better. And if it takes $35 and a notarized form to make it known to the City of New York (and to be able to share property and health care) then I suppose that's ok. I'm just not walking down any aisles or changing my name or anything like that.

I love you, James.
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