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Things I <3 - Philips SBC HN110 Headphones

I've realized that due to the current political climate, my blog entries have been consistently negative for the past month or so. In order to combat this, I'll write about something I love!

My Philips Noise-canceling headphones!

If you, like me, have to take mass transit of any kind on a regular basis, you probably like to relax in the morning. Maybe sleep, read a book or quietly listen to your own music. Then some jerk gets on the train, blasting crappy dance-hall out of his ear buds, ruining your nice time. Normally, you either have to put up with the disturbance, or crank up your own music until it probably hurts your ears and you can still hear his crap in the background.

But with these babies, a great percentage of irritating noise gets filtered out, allowing you to listen to your music at quieter levels (which is safer for your ears and less annoying to your neighbors). Sometimes I put these on with no music just to read easier and it hushes the background- people talking, train noises, etc. The noise filtration runs on a single AAA battery, which comes included. Also, the headphones fold up cutely and fit into an included carry pouch. Priced around $40, these are a better investment than constantly replacing ear buds that break or get lost and are cheaper than Bose or other leading brands, but work just as well. (I actually tried a Bose type in the store and they fit really weird.) These are comfy, work well and I use mine every single day.

Happy riding!
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