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Illustration Friday: Repair

"Oh, I'll just fix it my damn self..."

So much technology at her disposal, and she has such a primitive heart.

I've been having some scanning troubles lately, so I figured I would try coloring this digitally. I hadn't tried in a while. I think it turned out ok.

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  1. Nice concept and great execution...I thought of a similar concept for IF, but my original sketch was of a cloth doll repairing her heart by sewing it together. It's interesting how the media used to create the illustration is directly linked to the subject matter (your girl is repairing a heart by using technology, and digital technology was used to create the image).

  2. Great work, I love it! She looks so sad trying to repair her heart. I think we had the same promlem to be repaired but with different methods :)
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. This is really nice. It's so sad though...it would be hard to repair something with a mirror because it would have to be backward.

  4. I like the color palette...
    and this is sad and dark...
    yet lovely!

    Thanks so much for your kind comment!


  5. Very expressive illo! I think I would do that too if I could… always was one for learning how things tic!