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Things I <3: Baby Slings!

I always smile when I see moms (and sometimes, dads!) walking around with their babies in these baby slings. They are sort of like a papoose, and also like some kind of decorative, functional scarf. Unlike those yuppie baby back-packs-in-the-front, the baby sling is ergonomic and encourages the natural way a baby is supposed to be carried. Oh yeah, and you interact with your friggin' kid while still walking around and being productive. Your baby stays close to you and can feel your warmth, hear your heartbeat. Is it not cold & sterile like so many modern baby products. Also, many are made with organic and recycled fabrics. And many people make their own! Those other baby carriers are usually heavy-weight and made of vinyl and stuff like that. There are all these straps and pockets and kids are just hanging in them like limp rag dolls.

My only really concern is that I hope the instructions are very thorough and that parents are very careful in using these and tying the knots! Or else you can end up with a kids that walks sideways for the rest of her/his life.
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