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I Don't (Apparently) Understand Fashion Pt. 1 (I'm sure there will be others)

I do understand that fashion is cyclical and "classic" pieces and ideas will make come backs, especially as we get less and less creative as a collective culture (um, it's 2008 already! Where are my space-unitards with the space rings along the neck and shoulders?). But then again, there are certain things that should be considered throw-aways that will never, ever come back. I.E.: Leisure suits, "jellies" and turn-of-the-century beach rompers.

Oh, wait, rompers are back?? Are we already out of decades that we're going to the 1920's? Will bathing suits with long bottoms and sleeves come back for men, and women will have long, light-weight (sort of) dresses with short (calf-length) knickers?

My point is that rompers are for 2 kinds of people: babies and your grandmother in old photos. ("Ah, those were the days. Back when I was young...") YOU* look ridiculous in a romper. You look sloppy and like you find pants too complicated first thing in the morning. Or that you're a toddler (see image to right. Are you hipper than this baby?). Or like your grandmother. (see below) I mean, if that's how you want to present yourself then that's your choice. But please don't claim it to be "high fashion".
(is this woman your grandmother?)

I mean, what's going to come back next? Those hideous plastic slit glasses from the '80's? Wait...what?

Oh, crap.

*I'm presuming here that "you" are a female between the ages of "baby" and "old lady". If you aren't, pass the word along.
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