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Why Artists Need (Good) Critics: A Thank You to Roger Ebert

The artist can not exist without the critic. Artists tend to awkwardly balance in-between self doubt/loathing and intense egotism. The critic corrects this balance, shifting through the seemingly endless works, to elevate the art that is most deserving and to bringing down that which is not. The critic's role is to encourage better work and cut out the pretention. They are there to help the audience connect and spend their precious time well. 

Not all critics do their job correctly. Some seem to enjoy trashing everything just to elevate themselves. Some have too much ego of their own and forget their role. Some can be easily bought to praise something they don't really support. Some just have awful taste. Like every profession, only a few stand out above the rest. We lost one of the best this week. 

I'd like to take a minute to thank Roger Ebert. A critic with a sincere love of, and appreciation for, the craft of film making, from an academic as well as layperson perspective. Well spoken, empathic, clever, and kind. He will surely be missed.
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"Thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies."
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  1. Hi there! Everytime I came back from the movies having liked one film in particular, I went to Ebert site looking for his review... will Ebert agree with me on this one? And it didn´t really matter because I always enjoyed his views, kind, simple and sharp as they were. It´s very difficult to write so "simple"...

    Sorry, one question--- I kind of lost track of your podcast (the one you did with your boyfriend where you reviewed romantic comedies), Are you still doing it? I felt in love with it (and I mean it) when spanish director Nacho Vigalondo gave it a shout on his Twitter account. On air or Off aire, can you remind me where to find it? Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast. We actually have been split up since December 2012 and had stopped making episodes a little before that. We were called the Hopeful Romantics, but our archive has been deleted. We had announced the shut down on our Facebook page beforehand. Sorry that you were unaware. But I do really appreciate that you enjoyed the show while we were doing it. When you're talking into a mic, you don't always know if someone's listening. I might do another podcast at some point, just not in the immediate future. If you follow me on Twitter @PersonalGenius, it's the easiest way to hear about any upcoming projects. Thanks again!