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It Was A Very Happy Birthday

People will try to tell you that as an adult, it's impossible to get what you want for your birthday. The general consensus seems to be that each year after you turn 18 is a bigger and bigger let down, leaving your depressed and mourning your approaching personal holiday rather than looking forward to its arrival.

Don't let this guy be you!

Luckily, for me at least, this turned out to not be the case. All I wanted (and really, all I ever want) is to be surrounded by people I love and feel a little bit special. This past weekend encompassed the best birthday I can remember. Even though I couldn't be around all of my favorite people in the world (distance and travel issues being the major factor) I had the privilege of being around most of them, feeling loved, and having an amazingly fun time. What's more is that many of my friends met each other for the first time and ended up melding together so perfectly you could barely tell the difference. 

If I were to give you the fool-proof solution to having a great birthday it would in these two parts:

1- Surround yourself with high quality people.
This is really more a tip for life in general, but if you fail at this then your birthday will be the big tip-off. If you have friends that constantly forget your big day (despite having known you for years and being told by Facebook exactly when it is), ditch out on your party, buy you a present that might as well be from an office Christmas party under $5 gift grab-bag, act like jack-asses in mixed company...you need new friends. A good friend might still forget sometimes or have a sudden scheduling conflict, but they'll usually find a way to make it up to you. And typically, a friend who is otherwise really awesome would be forgiven one of these transgressions because they're usually great on a regular basis. 

But just remember that friends should be valued on quality and not quantity. I'd always rather spend an evening with 5 people I adore, who get me, that I always laugh with, rather than 50 people I could take or leave. Be selective with who you spend your time with. Life is short and you are awesome. Don't waste your days with mediocre company.

2- Flat out ask for what you want.
Again, a tip that's helpful on a general basis. So let your birthday be practice. If you're waiting for your best friend to throw you a perfect surprise party or for your boyfriend to magically guess the perfect gift you're hoping for - don't hold your breath. Plan the party you want, invite exactly who you want, and if you want gifts - say so. Sure, it may not be as surprising, but you'll stand a less likely chance of being disappointed. And if you simple want your favorite people to attend a shindig you're throwing and they find that to be too much trouble than perhaps you need to revisit tip # 1.

Thanks again to everyone that helped make my birthday special. I am so fortunate, words can't contain. I just want to cuddle you all. ALL THE TIMES.

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