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Life is good and I am happy.

Again, so long since I've written.

This is for 2 main reasons - 1. I've been busy with lots of good stuff. 2. It's seems so tedious to write actual blog posts when Tumblr makes it so friggin' easy! Twitter too.

Anyway, I'm now working two simultaneous internships that are awesome and I'm learning a whole lot. I'm finally about to send out my cards from Kickstarter (and then actually get back to making art again!!). I've also been singing with an a capella group.  I really like the people involved and it's incredible how much singing lifts my spirits and gets me going. It's true for when I'm belting out Fiona Apple songs while I wash the dishes, and truer still when I'm doing it with 3 other dorks that are talented and lovely. I'm spending a lot of good time with good people. Making new friends. Learning, growing, loving.

I guess I'm trying to say...life is good and I am happy.

(New art soon. Probably.)
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