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Myself at 100

Illustrator & comic artist Phil McAndrew is having a contest on his Live Journal to draw yourself at age 100. I submitted mine via e-mail but wanted to share anyway. Because I haven't change a whole lot since I was a kid (personality-wise as well as having a baby face), I assume that this trend will continue into my elder years:

...Except that I'll be less physically able to do anything. I figure my back and arches will eventually give out, I'll lose at least a few teeth (though not many. We have famously strong gums & teeth in my family) and my hair will surely go all white as I've had a few strays since I was 16. I hope to still be dancing away, just at a very limited capacity. The obligatory pot belly is my favorite part.

And yes, I DO plan to make it to 100. Imma be the awesomest old lady ever! ^___^
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