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Illustration Friday: Balloon

I had a few ideas for this week's Illustration Friday, so I figured I'd do them all. The first one I did in India ink. I think it turned out well, considering it's been so long since I've used the medium- but I don't have any greyscale stuff anymore. I realize the center line is crooked, but it's late. I might fix it at some point.

The next two are on watercolor postcards and for sale on my Etsy shop, along with the image I did for IF: Late.

I did this one, realizing that even though I love dogs, I never draw any. I'm going to try to do more.

This was a sketch I did during the summer. It was so fitting, I figured I'd include it.
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  1. I love the concept for the first one... very clever!

  2. Such a great works, they are all really well done works, but I prefer the first one!

  3. The speech bubble idea is great! nice work.

  4. the little red pen sketch is so sweet

  5. all your balloon images are wonderful… especially the word balloon piece… how clever…