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I (Apparently) Don't Understand Fashion Pt. 2: Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots.
I hate 'em.

I guess I understand that they first became rather popular because they are so simple & basic. You just slide them on and they're probably comfy like slippers. But in the same vein as their
(in my opinion) summer counter parts, Crocs (pictured at right, appropriately like a pile of crap), what started out as an ok idea is now an intolerable ubiquity.

A lot of fashion trends are started with a twinge of irony. Like "Ugg" being that they're ugly (or the sound I make when I see people wearing them). I think a lot of people say "Those are so ugly, I have to have one in every color!" And while they may be comfy, I think they tend to encourage wearers to be too comfy. In that I usually see girls wearing these with track suits or sweat pants that say "juicy" on the butt. (And while I'm on the subject, 1.)I think the only people who wear track suits should be athletes and usually only in between practices or games/meets. 2.) Sweat pants are to be worn around the house, also in between or during a sports activity of some kind or maybe if you're running down to a store that is down the block from where you live. 3.) No self-respecting person should have anything written on the butt of their pants, especially not sexy adjectives as if it's a small billboard for how awesome the rest of you is.) They're also not the most practical winter boot to wear everyday. Aren't the suede, after all? Aside from the inhumane factor, you can't wear them in wet weather or snow. There are some knitted-type boots that I considered getting once, but then I thought about how I couldn't wear them for 80% of winter. Though I suppose I'm a more sensible shopper than some. And I've never been one of those OMG-SHOES! type of girls.

But no matter what, I'll never understand why people go so nuts for these things. There is an Ugg store in SoHo right near my physical therapist's office that tends to have a line out in front of it at 6pm. I don't know if 6 is free candy time or what, but I can't see a reason for it. I sure as hell wouldn't wait in line for the new iPhone (or, insert basically any other product people wait in line to "plzplzletmebuyone!") and I surely won't wait in line to do regular shopping.

I suppose my closing point is...if you are thinking about buying these you should ask yourself if you're just getting them because they're the thing to have & all your friends have them. Or is it because they're a quality, (*ahem*) attractive boot that you absolutely love and no other boot would do! Cuz if any other boot will do just fine, you should get those instead.
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