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Metro supported anti-choice scare propaganda

Riding on the subway the other day, I saw an ad for this little gem: www.abortionchangesyou.com
The image was just of a sad and tired looking 20-something woman.

Yes, some women do experience depression and regret after having an abortion (though some others experience relief). And I suppose some loved ones might feel the same way, or somehow "cheated". That is, if you tell your loved ones about it. So maybe at first glance this site seems like something more than just shameless religious propaganda, made not to help you after an abortion, but you scare you out of having one in the first place. It might seem like that until you realize that they're also hocking a $25 book to help you deal with abortion and also "communicate compassionately with others about abortion" (you know, so when you're protesting a clinic you can yell something sensitive and not just "You're all going to rot in hell".) You can also donate to their cause of shaming and scaring the piss out of already scared and desperate women.

I'm not sating abortion is a good thing. But I think it is often a necessary thing. I think the women who feel the need to have an abortion are usually going through the worst time in their lives anyway, so stuff like this just makes it worse.
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