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Want to Cure Poverty? Have Fewer Poor People!

Here's a charming little gem for you: Lousiana State Rep. John LaBruzzo thinks that one of the best ideas to help cure poverty and welfare abuse is to pay poor women $1k to have their tubes tied.

Apparently he thinks the best way to combat poverty is simply to make sure that there are less poor people to worry about. He thinks that the fertile poor can be dealt with like stray cats. Or maybe Mr. LaBruzzo should take a cue from Johnathan Swift and simply propose to eat Black & Hispanic babies.

And now he's complaining that the news media has spun his classism & racism all out of proportion- that this was just one idea on how to deal with "these people". He claims that education & family planning were also one idea...but the fact that it wasn't THE idea, that they discussed helping OR sterilizing them, kind of shows what kind of mindset and place of privilege and way-too-much-power this dude has.

Here's the thing: it's already been claimed through statistical projections that in about 50 years or so, Hispanics will become the dominant ethnicity in the United States. This scares the hell out of many America Whites, having never been the minority before. (And what if Black people become #2?!) The idea that their grandchildren might not get to treat Hispanics like crap any more seems demoralizing, so a political focus has become on how to we get Brown & Black people to have less kids and White people to have more. How else do you figure that White, Christian, "quiverfull" families are actually looked upon much more positively (ranging from wholesome to weird-but-quaint, as opposed to large poor families that are always seen as a drain on society, even when self-sustained) than poor ones? I personally think that everyone should only have 2 kids- it's replacement breeding that would keep the population from rapidly increasing each year and hurting the environment. Could I ever possibly enforce this?- NO. Because having kids, or not, or have 12 kids is a personal choice. The largest problem is that boys are world-wide more values than girls, White over 'Of Color, rich over poor.

It's also sick that so many women have to fight for the right to not have children, and some have it forced upon them.
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