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As of about 8pm Sunday night, James and I are now without cable television service (i.e., any TV service).

We decided that TV was kind of slowing us down. It's so easy to put it on when you come home and zone out and before you know it, the whole evening's gone! Yes, we still have a super awesome TV and a riDEEculous amount of DVDs (and more and more networks are getting "with it" and putting shows on the web). But that's seriously less passive. You have pick something out, make the decision that you're going to sit down and watch whatever from beginning t
o end. It's completely different from cable which is always on. There's always something that you'll convince yourself that you'll only watch it "for a minute". At least with DVDs (even TV shows on DVD) you're actively choosing it and you know what you're getting yourself into. I just think that there's too much crap on TV and I know I use it as an excuse not to get stuff done.

So now the only excuse left is my own laziness.
I know it doesn't sound like a big deal to most people, but I grew up watching a lot of TV and became an adult who watches a lot of TV. It's like any other habit-forming some-what-of-an-addiction. But so far, so good.

...The only problem is that the Venture Bros. episodes on adultswim.com are refusing to load. -____-;
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